What benefits from Hydrogen inhaling therapy are known?

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Hydrogen therapy can be an important anti-aging and healing tool. Hundreds of studies confirm that hydrogen is safe, highly effective for the treatment of numerous diseases, for improving energy and sports performance and for promoting longevity. Let us see more about this incredible resource for our health and wellness.

What's Hydrogen inhaling therapy and what are the known benefits.

Hydrogen therapy uses molecular hydrogen (H2), which is a molecule that forms naturally when two hydrogen atoms are combined. Molecular hydrogen is the smallest element in the universe and its small size allows it to quickly permeate and penetrate all tissues and cells of the body.

When it comes to natural therapies to combat chronic diseases, the use of molecular hydrogen is probably not the first therapeutic aid to come to mind.

This tasteless and odorless gas could be the key to defeating devastating pathological conditions such as cancer, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, and arthritis.

Recent studies have highlighted the remarkable ability of molecular hydrogen to reduce oxidative stress believed to be at the root of 90% of all modern diseases.

Hydrogen, also called H2 or dihydrogen, consists of only two atoms, which make it the smallest element, simpler and more fundamental. It is likely that the small size of hydrogen, which allows it to easily reach the interior of the mitochondria, is the reason for its healing potential.

Although the concept of molecular hydrogen as a therapy was first introduced over 200 years ago, it has become the focus of today's scientific news with a 2007 study published in "Nature Medicine" which confirms its exceptional antioxidant properties.

Hundreds of studies and articles over the past decade have reinforced these findings.

There are several ways to ingest molecular hydrogen, including hydrogen water (produced by dissolving a hydrogen tablet), inhaling, bathing, or introducing a saline solution of hydrogen into the eyes. Molecular hydrogen can also be applied to the body locally in painful or painful areas or at the site of inflammation.

It is not always unhealthy factors, such as environmental toxins, that produce oxygen free radicals. They can also be generated by natural physical functions, including physical exercise. Free radicals interact with other molecules to cause oxidative damage to cell membranes, accelerating aging and activating a few diseases including heart disease, diabetes, cancer and more.

By rapidly spreading into tissues and cells, hydrogen inhaling therapy fights free radicals that can contribute to cancer and the growth of tumors. Not only does hydrogen fight oxidative stress by selectively reducing dangerous oxidants but it does so in a harmless way, leaving behind only water as a by-product.

Who can use the Hydrogen inhaling therapy?

Since it has a high safety profile and produces such a broad spectrum of positive health effects, virtually anyone can benefit from it. H2 is so safe that scientists are currently studying it as a therapeutic aid for the terminally ill, for pediatric purposes, for pregnant women, and even for fetuses and babies.

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