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Submitted 57 day(s) ago ..

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Escuchar radio en directo gratis
Submitted 66 day(s) ago

Directorio web gratis con las mejores emisoras de radio online por internet del mundo. Escucha radios online gratis en vivo

  • radio
  • online
  • internet

Radio Estado de Trance
Submitted 105 day(s) ago

Radio de música electrónica en vivo por internet con los éxitos más bailables del momento. Escucha géneros musicales como dance, remember, house o trance en directo las 24 horas

  • radio
  • online
  • dance

La mejor musica del momento
Submitted 108 day(s) ago

Página web con la música online gratuita de todos los géneros musicales y donde poder escuchar las mejores canciones del momento. Conoce toda la actualidad informativa de tus cantantes favoritas y las ..

  • musica
  • gratis
  • online

Amapiano Music: Amapiano Songs, Amapiano 2019, Etc=
Submitted 289 day(s) ago

Over 100K Amapiano songs, Amapiano 2019, live radio & etc. Amapiano Music is a trending & fast growing South African genre of house music that merged in 2016. Amapiano Music is a sophisticated hybrid of ..

  • Amapiano Songs
  • Amapiano Music
  • Amapiano 2020
  • Amapia

DIY Audio Cables, Landscape and Aurora Photography
Submitted 325 day(s) ago

DIY cables, aurora and landscape photography by Chris VenHaus

  • landscape
  • vh audio
  • vh
  • nature
  • photography
  • photographs
  • audio
  • cat5
  • venhaus
  • diy
  • cable
  • cables
  • power
  • ac
  • silver
  • interconnects
  • aurora
  • borealis
  • northern
  • lights
  • photos
  • lightning
  • prints
  • images
  • fine art

Chicago Audio Society - Home
Submitted 325 day(s) ago

The Chicago Audio Society is dedicated to helping its members achieve maximum enjoyment of music through home high fidelity audio reproduction. The Society meets throughout the year to demonstrate, discuss ..

  • Chicago Audio Society
  • audio society
  • audio
  • music
  • high fidelity
  • hi-fi
  • stereo
  • audiophile
  • tweaks
  • eletronics
  • recordings
  • tubes
  • high end
  • high-end
  • speakers
  • loudspeakers
  • phonograph
  • records
  • LPs
  • cables
  • interconnects
  • amplifiers
  • amps
  • preamps
  • preamplifiers
  • turntables

Bobby Owsinski's Big Picture Music Production Blog
Submitted 325 day(s) ago

Bobby Owsinski's Big Picture Production Blog looks at music recording and production, offering the latest tips, song analysis and book excerpts.


Submitted 325 day(s) ago

What You Need to Know About Consumer and Professional Audio


GoodSoundClub - Romy the Cat's Audio Site
Submitted 325 day(s) ago

GoodSoundClub - Romy the Cat's personal High-End Audio site

  • Audio
  • High-End
  • High-End Audio
  • Romy the Cat
  • Roman Bessnow
  • Koshka
  • Melquiades
  • Recordings
  • Reality Reconstruction
  • Music
  • Performances
  • Playback
  • Sound
  • Horns
  • Analog

Transmission Line Speakers
Submitted 325 day(s) ago

Information on Transmission Line Design for DIY and other audio related information including filter design and bafflestep information

  • transmission line speakers
  • transmission line loudpeakers
  • tls
  • diy
  • speaker design
  • speaker projects
  • imf tls80
  • kef b139
  • bafflestep
  • audio filters
  • sallen-key
  • diffraction loses
  • bailey
  • tl speakers
  • TL Loudpeakers
  • T-L Speakers
  • T-L Loudpeakers
  • T-Line Speakers
  • T-Line Loudpeakers

Submitted 325 day(s) ago

Audiophilia. The Online Journal for the Serious Audiophile. Since 1997.


DIY AUDIO PROJECTS - Do-It-Yourself Hi-Fi for Audiophiles
Submitted 325 day(s) ago

DIY Audio Projects documents several DIY HiFi audio projects for Audiophiles. Projects include vacuum tube amplifiers, gainclones (chip amps), mosfet amps, preamplifiers, loudspeakers and audio cables. ..

  • DIY Audio Projects
  • do-it-yourself Hi-Fi for Audiophiles
  • tube amplifiers
  • Full-range Speakers
  • Fullrange
  • fostex
  • chip amp
  • gainclone
  • gain clone
  • mosfet

Humble Homemade Hifi
Submitted 325 day(s) ago

Very high quality loudspeaker kits, components, upgrades, modifications and custom solutions. Humble Homemade Hifi - the one stop loudspeaker shop.


Home Audio Recording Explained So Anyone Can Understand It
Submitted 325 day(s) ago

Audio recording courses and articles to help anyone record pro audio on a computer based home recording studio


Microphone Database | Audio Recording News | RecordingHacks
Submitted 325 day(s) ago

Microphone database and search engine, and recording blog with studio tours, engineer interviews, and gear shootouts


Home Recording Forums
Submitted 325 day(s) ago

Home Recording dot com is a forum for anyone interested in home recording, project studios, mixing their own music and learning how to use studio and computer music products.

  • home recording bbs
  • studio recording
  • digital audio
  • MP3
  • tascam
  • bands
  • musicians

Pro Audio Files — Articles, Videos and Courses on mixing, recording, mastering and producing music.
Submitted 325 day(s) ago

Articles, videos and courses on mixing, mastering, recording and producing music. Tips, tricks, techniques, philosophy, tutorials, reviews and more.


Audiofanzine: Music gear news & reviews. Recording studio, music software, guitar, bass, drums, DJ gear & Live sound
Submitted 325 day(s) ago

Audiofanzine: All about computer music, home studio, musical instruments...


Speaker reviews, amplifier reviews TV reviews and buy and sell used audio equipment, audio forums, hot deals and more -
Submitted 325 day(s) ago

AudioReview brings you user reviews and editorial reviews on speakers, amps, TVs and audio equipment reviews, news, forums, and used audio equipment listings and more.

  • speakers
  • amplifiers
  • TVs
  • headphones
  • analog audio
  • phonos
  • iPhone
  • iPod
  • home theatre
  • home automation

Home Theater Reviews, HDTV, HDMI Receivers | Audioholics
Submitted 325 day(s) ago

Home theater AV receiver, speaker, HDTV, television, projector and Blu-ray player reviews, buying guides, and high end audio and consumer electronics news


[TNT-Audio] - Internet HiFi audiophile magazine
Submitted 325 day(s) ago

TNT-Audio - no-profit non commercial Internet HiFi review: hifi listening tests, tweaks, advices, DIY designs, interviews and much more!


Home Page |
Submitted 325 day(s) ago

Stereophile covers everything high-end and audiophile audio. Turntables and music servers, to solid-state and tube amplifiers and preamps, to loudspeakers.


Submitted 325 day(s) ago

Forum for professional and amateur recording, mixing/mastering engineers to share techniques and advice.

  • Gearslutz Pro Audio Community
  • gearslutz
  • recording
  • studio
  • microphone
  • mic pre
  • compressor
  • equalizer
  • pro tools
  • DAW
  • Cubase
  • SSL
  • Neve
  • Helios
  • review
  • reviews

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